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AirRivals MMORPG

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Game: AirRivals MMO

AirRivals ?Ultrafast Air Combat MMOG
AirRivals, the client-based action-MMOG from Gameforge
offers fast-paced, futuristic air battles with thrilling online
role-playing elements.
Aerial combat rages on the planet Phillon between the
members of two nations ?with the player in the thick of it.
He fights for honor, respect and points ?with and against
thousands of others.
Whether its interceptor, bomber, support ship or tank-like
airframe ?the player will choose between four different
airplane types at the start, depending on the strategy. The
player accesses various maps with different levels of difficulty
via jump gates
The player can earn points and honor in various fighting
scenarios. Team play is specially called for, along with strategic
organization: Fighting is easier as part of a brigade or together
in a flight formation.
AirRivals comes up with great 3-D graphics and a special
musical interface that allows players to even use their own
MP3 files as background music.
Minimum Requirements:
- Win 98, Win XP, Win 2000
- Pentium 3 1GHz
- 512 MB RAM
- Graphics card with 32 MB
- DirectX 9.0

AirRivals mmorpg

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