Aurora Blade MMORPG

Aurora Blade MMORPG

Aurora Blade mmorpg game
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Game: Aurora Blade MMO

Developed by IGG for internet browsers, Aurora Blade is a 2D Fantasy browser-based MMORPG with fast paced action time battles. It highlights two special features: Its rebirth system, by which After characters reach level 60, players can do rebirth-related quests to become reborn. After the rebirth, characters will get an attribute stats bonus to increase the proficiency level of their skills. The second special feature is the enemy system and the Violence level. If a player is killed by another player, then the killer becomes the victim’s enemy. Killing an enemy player will not increase a player’s Violence level. But enemies killed by corresponding victims will lose some items and EXP according to their Violence level.

The different classes are: Warrior (excel at melee attacks and utilize various melee weapons to fight enemies), Mage (wield spell magic against their enemies), Knight (they usually start with a ranged attack and the move in for a melee finish) and Priest (are know for the power of their holy spells of healing).

Aurora Blade mmorpg

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