Battle Knight MMORPG

Battle Knight MMORPG

Battle Knight mmorpg game
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Game: Battle Knight MMO

Who would not like to get into knight‘s armour and ride his horse through meadows and forests to meet a fair maiden?

BattleKnight puts hundreds of thousands of players world-wide into a legendary world of knights and castles, knaves and swordplay.

There is a unique adventure to be experienced in countless battles and sword duels. Whether as a noble paladin or as a black robber baron terrorising his lands: Only the most daring and boldest of all knights will get into the eternal pantheon.

Outfitted with weapons, armour and magical items, complete with a horse as true companion, there are always new challenges, whether in a head-to-head duel or in spear tournaments on horseback, whether as a member of a knight’s order or even as a successful leader. Everyone can play the game for free at that. A player has to solely bring his skills if he too wants to dine among the most powerful knights at the round table and listen to the bards sing the ballad of his deeds.

Battle Knight mmorpg

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