BigHead Bash MMORPG

BigHead Bash MMORPG

BigHead Bash mmorpg game
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Game: BigHead Bash MMO

BigHead Bash is a frantic free-to-play browser-based multiplayer shooting game set in a world of collectible vinyl toys. Developed by Spicy Horse Studios, this title offers swift and frenetic team-based matches.

Players compete in real-time against each other fighting with a huge variety of weapons ranging from conventional arms like sniper rifles, machine guns and rocket launchers to even hilarious contraptions such as pepper grinders or tea canons. Many of the comical characters featured in BigHead Bash stem from popular brands such as Alice: Madness Returns and not even politics are safe from being made fun off for political puppets with names like Obaminator, Bushwhacker, and El Rominee, are also a part of the mayhem.

Due to its fast-paced action, quick kills and lots of explosions, this shooter is reminiscent of old-school death match games but provides a much more varied gameplay experience featuring multiplayer, co-op, team and capture modes for matches of up to 8v8. When being out on a kill streak, characters?heads inflate which, on the one hand, gives additional boost to their damage but on the other makes them a bigger target for the enemy team.

BigHead Bash mmorpg

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