Brick-Force MMORPG

Brick-Force MMORPG

Brick-Force mmorpg game
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Game: Brick-Force MMO

Developed by EXE Games and Infernum, Brick-Force is a free to play sandbox fun-shooter that allows players to create worlds and maps brick by brick and engage in exciting battles with thousands of other online players. This comic style online game is built on the Unity 3D engine and will be playable directly in a web browser. The sandbox mode, in which players use simple building blocks to construct complex environments, can be played on social networks and mobile devices.

In the sandbox mode, players will have the freedom to create brick by brick the maps and worlds that they've always dreamed of. In the edgy world of Brick-Force, there is plenty of variety to go around: with different Bricks players create their own world according to their imagination by themselves or within teams. These maps are then playable for personal shooter matches or can be shared with the community. Solo or together with friends, the square heroes face off against team-mates (PvP) or computerized opponents (PvE) with humorous designed challenges in fast paced shooter hunts.

In addition to build their own infrastructure and customize their own playground, players 18:54 13/03/2012can purchase different type of weapon and armor to equip their avatar and take down their opponents. There are more options in this game that allows player to share resource and deploy strategy to fight against other player or computer opponents. Brick Force also offers a range of game modes, such as the classics “Capture the Flag? “Deathmatch?or “Defusion?

Brick-Force mmorpg

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