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Broken Realm MMORPG

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Game: Broken Realm MMO

Broken Realm: A Crystal Saga Chronicle is a free-to-play browser-based fantasy MMORPG set centuries after the original Crystal Saga where players will find their beliefs and loyalties tested for truth and honour are no longer simple concepts as family members resort to murder and theft to claim the crown.

When starting their journey through times of war and strife in order to find a new and worthy ruler for Vidalia, players can choose from a total of twelve character classes: There are four main classes, each branching out into three distinctive advanced subclasses. On the one hand, there’s the Barbarian who’s blessed with defensive attributes, high HP and high physical attack power and can advance into Berserker, Lord, or Veteran, or the stealthy Paladin able to develop into the advanced classes Pyroblade, Frostblade or Spiritblade if they are in favour of a melee DPS class. However, if they prefer adventuring with ranged abilities, there’s the Archer, a master of control, causing critical hits while effectively dodging and advancing into Marksman, Assassin, or Phantom, or the versatile Mage who’s an intelligent fighter with healing and supporting abilities, able to develop into Warlock, Chrononaut, or Cleric on the other.

The game world of Vidalia features over 20 stunning locations for players to explore, thousands of quests to accomplish and events to engage in, a captivating story line, and unique game mechanics. Regarding daily events and weekly activities, Broken Realm offers battlegrounds, treasure hunts, PvP battles, BOSS fights, delivery quests, and more. So there will always be something to do that keeps players occupied and entertained.

In addition, Broken Realm opens up the entire world for players to claim as their own. Powerful beast companions and majestic mounts await you and characters are able to tame any creature to be their humble companion and flaunt their power as they scour the land on the back of their favourite mount. And through its innovative wisdom system, the game encourages players not just to slaughter their enemies but to learn from them. While killing monsters and collecting the valuable items they drop, you can increase your world knowledge walk the path of wisdom from student to master to enhance your battle rating and stats.

Broken Realm mmorpg

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