Business Tycoon Online MMORPG

Business Tycoon Online MMORPG

Business Tycoon Online mmorpg game
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Game: Business Tycoon Online MMO

Developed by Dovo game for internet browsers, Business Tycoon Online is an online, browser-based business simulation game. Players start from scratch and take the role of an entrepreneur that is just breaking through into the tough business world of Liberty City. Through hard work and dedication, players can expand their business and raise their social status as they try to become one of the socialites of Liberty City. In Liberty City, your business dreams can become a reality as you establish your own company and build a powerful business empire. As the company’s chairman, you should grasp the time if you always want to keep ahead of your rivals. In your spare time, you can pay more attention to it and do more communication with your staff. Here, you have a lot of choices; you can gain some profits from each work. Unexpected results will be got if you do more study on it. You can acquire different rewards from carrying out routine work each time. The rewards have a lot of forms, which depends on your luck. Choose your industry between Entertainment Industry, Sales Industry, Catering Industry and Service Industry.
Ready to play directly in your browser, from the very beginning of creating your company, you will face constant challenges. As a business tycoon you have the ability to open more than 100 different kinds of stores, their success or failure is in your hands. In addition to opening your stores, you will also need to recruit employees and arrange their training. Every day, different kinds of meetings are waiting for you to attend. Your performance will affect directors?impressions of you. In order to become a well-connected socialite of Liberty City and expand your network, you will need to widen your social circles and interact with the other entrepreneurs around you. When faced with fierce market competition, you should be ready for any and all challenges that will come your way. Use the Media System, a congregation of all kinds of media agencies, through which the players can publish comments to promote their companies or to attack their competitors. There are 5 types of media: newspaper, radio, magazine, TV and internet. Each media company has its own influence. The more commonly-used a media company is, the more influential it is.

Business Tycoon Online mmorpg

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