Club Cooee MMORPG

Club Cooee MMORPG

Club Cooee mmorpg game
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Game: Club Cooee MMO

What is Club Cooee
Club Cooee is the free and fun 3D social Chatworld. Club Cooee combines chat, a social network and a casual 3D world, where thousands of people meet and have fun. You can style your own avatar, easily create your own 3D chatrooms and meet friends from all over the world right on top of your desktop.

Shop and dress up
Create your personal look and check out the Club Cooee catalog with thousands of different clothes, shoes, hairstyles, accessories and animations. Try them on, choose your style and get ready to join the cooeeverse.

Meet friends live in 3D
Explore the world of Club Cooee in 3D, meet new people, have fun, party and make friends from all over the world. Add them to your network, have them on your desktop and see what is going on all the time.

Design and decorate your own 3D chatrooms
Easily decorate your personal 3D chatroom simply by drag and drop. Shop for cool furniture, accessories, or electronics, create your home, garden, restaurant, club or whatever you might think of and invite your friends there.

Enjoy music, videos and games
Get a virtual audio system, choose your favorite music for everyone in your room to listen to it. Become a DJ and host a party. Like to share YouTube videos? No problem, use the YouTube screen and show your videos even synchronized for shared watching in your room. Challenge other Club Cooee users in fun flash and board games.

Club Cooee mmorpg

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