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DarkEden is a free-to-play, horror/action massively multiplayer online role-playing game Developed by Softon Entertainment. Featuring isometric projection graphics and classic hack-and-slash gameplay, DarkEden is a nostalgic throwback to the classic MMORPGs of the 1990s. The game mixes classic Asian, medieval and sci-fi fantasy aspects to create a unique modern horror environment. Players join the ranks of one of the three warring factions, then gear up and dive into the fray for large scale warfare and sieges between the guilds.

Set in the not-so-distant future, the game immerses players into the fictional Eastern European country of Eslania, where an ongoing war rages between Vampires, Slayers (humans) and Ousters (half-vampire, half-human) for the control of the poweful Blood Bible. Three playable races, Vampires, Slayers and Ousters all have distinctive gameplay mechanics: Vampires need to drink blood from slain enemies to gain full experience points, Slayers receive points by attacking enemies, and Ousters must kill enemies to gain points. Furthermore, the three races have their own unique character progression system, which adds to DarkEdenís re-playability.

DarkEden mmorpg

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