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DarkOrbit MMORPG

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Game: DarkOrbit MMO

Dark Orbit is a free to play browser based MMO developed by Bigpoint Games. Set in the distant future the Earth that was is but a memory, an upheaval that changed climates and brought on another ice age forced mankind to seek out a new home and so they turned to the skies and began to colonize distant planets. Mankind avoided extinction but whilst peace and prosperity reigned for an age it would not last forever. Three mega corporations formed among the stars, looking to control the resource that this new frontier has given them, these three companies waged a war on each other that ultimately consumed the known universe bringing everyone into their conflict.

The ware has waged for centuries and is now but a way of life, children grow up with aspirations of joining one of the corporations, exploring distant galaxies and battling against their rivals to create an ultimate victor. You are one such person, recently graduated from the Space Academy you may now join one of these companies; Venus Resources Unlimited, Earth Industries Corporation or Mars Mining Operations, and fight for resources, energy and ultimate power!

Moving around the map as 2D point and click scrolling game you are able to search the galaxy completing quests, picking up resources and killing your enemies for items and currency. In game there are two types of currency: credits and Uridium, Uridium is the premium currency that can be bought with real world money, however, it is also dropped quitter liberally in game as well.

Using Uridium you are able to fill your own hangars with various ships, all of which can be upgraded and equipped with armour, shields, weapons, generators and more. The higher the ship and equipment the more it will cost, to the point where some top ends items can only be bought with Uridium meaning the game is balanced for those who can play a lot to earn their Uridium in game to those who might not be able to invest as much time but can buy Uridium to access the top end ships and upgrades.

DarkOrbit mmorpg

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