Desert Blitz MMORPG

Desert Blitz MMORPG

Desert Blitz mmorpg game
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Game: Desert Blitz MMO

Proof your leadership-skills as commander in chif of your troops in Rakistan. Use different tactical opportunities to defeat your enemies and to capture the world`s last oil resources. Desert Blitz takes place in the future. The world`s economy broke down and the leading industrial countries were not succeeding in providing alternative energies early enough.
Build your own base in Rakistan, situated in the near east, and explore new technologies. Use Invasions, airstrikes or sabotage to defeat your enemies.
Train pioneers to build further bases and to gain more resources. Desert Blitz was released quit recently and is THE new war strategy game which comes along with the most modern graphics and an amazing deepness in gaming.

Desert Blitz mmorpg

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