Dragonica MMORPG

Dragonica MMORPG

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Game: Dragonica MMO

The game features the vibrant 3D world of Dragotaka for players to explore, and allows them to play in fast-paced, retro style arcade fighting action as they battle through hordes of enemies on their mission to defeat the evil Dragon Lord Elga and bring peace to the land.

Join thousands of players from across Europe as you explore Dragotaka alone or in a party of four players. Dragonica also features a PvP multiplayer mode for up to ten players, and support for guild battles in the game's Emporia Wars for up to fifty players. Dragonica also features a wide range of MMO features to ensure that you will have lots to do in-game. Become the ultimate trader and make your fortune as king of the Auction House, craft weapons and let everyone see how powerful your weapons are, play as a couple with your best friend and get extra abilities or just get stuck into Dragonica's classic gameplay and have fun.

With these features available now, and new features including additional multiplayer modes, a housing system and pets still to come, fall in love with Dragonica today! Dragonica is a free to play game, requiring a free registration and no subscription fees, ever!

Dragonica mmorpg

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