Dragon's Prophet MMORPG

Dragon's Prophet MMORPG

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Game: Dragon's Prophet MMO

Dragon's Prophet is a free-to-play fantasy action MMORPG developed by Runewaker for Windows, that transports you to Auratia, a realm where dragons fill the sky. The game tells the story of the relationship between humans and dragons and for the first time ever, you have the ability to capture, train and ride your very own dragons. Set in the world of Auratia, explore the vast land as you attempt to fight, tame, and take flight of a wide variety of dragons as you take on this epic adventure which determines the world’s survival.

Fly and fight with your own dragons after having captured and tamed them. Train them to be valuable companions in combat and ride them across the lush game world. More than 300 different dragons await you, each with their own habits and unique skillsets. The many dragons of Auratia offer countless possibilities for creating an absolutely individual avatar, even before equipping yourself with armor and weapons.

The game offers 4 classes to choose from: Guardian, Ranger, Sorcerer and Oracle. The guardian is a heavy armored melee warrior, the Ranger is a physical ranged fighter who uses bows, the Sorcerer is the game's caster and commands the power of the elements, and the Oracle is a magic melee fighter who wield a giant scythe. As all classes are primarily designed to deal damage with the help of their individual skillsets, it is up to you to specialize your avatar to your needs.

Prepare yourself for a fluid action-based combat system that features dynamic auto-targeting and aerial combat. In this game, you can't just stand still trading blows, you have to attack, block and evade while utilizing skill combos to defeat your enemies. Dragon’s Prophet uses a unique auto-target and combo system to give players more realistic battle action gameplay. This system gives players a higher degree of control with a wider range of tactical options than traditional MMOs.

Dragon's Prophet mmorpg

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