Fantasy of Swords MMORPG

Fantasy of Swords MMORPG

Fantasy of Swords mmorpg game
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Game: Fantasy of Swords MMO

Ready to play directly in your browser, Fantasy of Sword is a free to play 2D MMORPG, developed by LeKool, which takes players to the Chinese culture. It features a pet system, market trading system, a house system, item enhancing, an email system, a production system, a treasure rewards system, and much more.

Players can fight monsters on the most challenging areas, have their pets as allies during battles, transfer between maps very fast and efficiently, chat with players, and go to various locations on maps. The user interface is very friendly and provides users with an experience that they can easily become hooked on. Everything in the game is controlled by clicking on the user interface.

Fantasy of Swords mmorpg

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