Fantasy Tennis MMORPG

Fantasy Tennis MMORPG

Fantasy Tennis mmorpg game
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Game: Fantasy Tennis MMO

Fantasy Tennis season 2 is a very lively Massively Multiplayer Online Game which is way more about using supernatural powers and fantastic skills than playing traditional tennis at all.

Each of the seven characters lets you reach level 60. To reach that, you have to play a lot in the different channels and match modes. The basic Mode lets you play Tennis in the most original way possible.

Battle Mode is a match mode where items will appear which can be used for defense or offense and may influence the match's tournout. Every player has an HP gauge which decreases every time you miss the ball or the character is hit by an offensive item. When the gauge reaches 0 the player loses the match. The player has to concentrate on returning the ball as well as collecting the items and using them against his opponent.

In Battlemon Mode, Double games can only be played with a real opponent. Your Battlemon will then be your Double partner. Battlemon are available at the Shop. Every Battlemon has its own very special advantage and disadvantage. You can learn more about it in each battlemon's description.

Besides the different match modes, there is also a chat mode and a house mode that let you meet and talk to other players from all over the world. Simply enter a room or create a new one to chat.

Fantasy Tennis mmorpg

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