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Godsrule MMORPG

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Game: Godsrule MMO

Set in a lush fantasy world and developed by Gogogic, Godsrule mixes social gameplay with established RTS elements to create a unique cross-platform experience. The game allows players to experience the same persistent world via browser and the iPad. This allows them to team up with their friends in battle, train units and manage their empire from anywhere at any time.

Players can partner up with their clan members to become one of the top 3 clans in each round. The winning faction of each round gets a territory reward. The top clans of each faction get an even better reward. Whenever your faction earns a territory reward for a territory that you have unlocked, you can pick it up as well.

In Godsrule, players are in charge of leading their fierce armies into battle, as well as managing their empire. To prevail over competitors, players must dominate contested territories, collect scarce resources, expand their land, and slay their enemies with powerful units and magnificent spells. After choosing between two rival factions, players create their own clans and battle for contested territories, each holding valuable rewards and the true taste of sweet victory.

Choose one of the 8 territories you want to fight in (Only the 1st one is unlocked at first). By upgrading your Harbor you can unlock new world territories. Reaching Harbor level 8 unlocks the 8th territory. But remember that war is raging on all territories. When entering a territory you see how much time is left of that territory’s round. You can either click on the territory itself or the battle axe icon above it to opt into battle right away. If you selected a territory, click on the ‘Create Battle!?option to create a new battle. Once the combat starts, your objective is to conquer the relics placed in the battlefield. In PvP there will be only 1 relic at time, but when you fight other creatures you can find multiple relics. You can summon your creature from one of the summoning points. You can also capture additional summoning points. By by participating in battles, killing enemies, capturing the relic and more, you will earn XP and combat reward that allows you to earn new battle ranks, unlock titles and become a more respectful fighter.

Godsrule mmorpg

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