Hockey Manager MMORPG

Hockey Manager MMORPG

Hockey Manager mmorpg game
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Game: Hockey Manager MMO

ManagerGAMES ?Hockey:

ManagerGames is the most complex and high-quality platform for purely browser-based manager games. HockeyManager and SoccerManager are already online.

ManagerGames sets new standards: 3-D simulated live games in real time! In all games under ManagerGames, the player takes over the role of trainer and manager of his team. A complex range of duties is waiting for him: in addition to training and game formations he is also responsible for the individual promotion of his players, construction of the stadium and connected buildings, buying insurance, personnel matters, and merchandising.

Numerous other features await the player: Live game scenes in 3-D, a real-time game calculation, complex statistics, a betting system via text messaging, exhibition games and clan matches, and much more.

Playing ManagerGames is free. The player receives premiums for winning and spectator revenues for games won and can use this money to finance his team.

Hockey Manager mmorpg

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