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Your settlement

At the beginning of KingsAge, your kingdom only consists of a small settlement surrounded by a few lots of farmland. Can you expand it into a large city and turn it into your kingdom's emporium and capital city? These pages will give you an overview of how you might be able to do so.

Your castle

You can expand your settlement in your castle. Bit by bit you will be able to construct new buildings there. You can also expand your raw material sources there- your kingdom needs wood, stone and iron ore.

Your surroundings

There are other kingdoms near your settlement, that belong to other players. You can trade or start a war with them, as soon as you have fulfilled the right requirements.

Your barracks

You can train loyal soldiers in your barracks. At first you will only be able to train squires, but later you will be able to train other units including the dreaded black knight.

Your Kingdom

Soon your settlement will become a vast and mighty kingdom. It will become an emporium or the origin of glorious and victorious crusades. And above all your name will be heard and praised far beyond the borders of your own empire!

Kingsage mmorpg

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