Legends of Xian MMORPG

Legends of Xian MMORPG

Legends of Xian mmorpg game
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Game: Legends of Xian MMO

Legends of Xian is a browser-based, flash based, war-themed, free to play MMO (strategy/RPG hybrid) adapted from the Ming Dynasty. Developed by Lekool and Forgame, it takes the player on a journey through the history of Ancient China. The players takes the role of nation builder as their build an empire to expand their country and defend it from invaders.

It's a great browser-based game featured by epic combat modes, a large variety of quests varying in difficulty, and a whole new realm of building strategy and trade with other players. Adopt a number of gallant heroes and employ specialized troop units to help you in combat. You have the option of participating in compulsory PvP with meaningful consequences (the winner can make the loser their slave), arena battles, clan wars, sieges and state wars, and reign as a true legend. In the browser game you can connect with other players, join one of the ongoing in-game events, and even romance your in-game interests with flowers.

Legends of Xian mmorpg

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