Mafia 1930 MMORPG

Mafia 1930 MMORPG

Mafia 1930 mmorpg game
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Game: Mafia 1930 MMO

1.)Become the most powerful Mafia boss of all times!

Mafia1930 gives every player the chance! As an immigrant full expectations, the player comes to America, this immense country. From dishwasher to millionaire. That is his dream. But reality has something else in store for him.

The law of the most powerful prevails. Society is corrupt. For more than a decade prohibition has been in effect. Powerful Mafia syndicates have formed which earn their money by smuggling and dealing in alcohol. Everything is in their hands. The bars, the police, the politicians, the unions.

As a super featherweight in the city the player doesn't stand a chance -- unless he takes it! No scruples, no respect. His empire is his street, his domain! From now on he takes his future into his own hands. Only when he is ready to break all the rules does he have the stuff to become the mightiest Mafia boss of all times!

Playing Mafia1930 is free and in addition to a lot of game fun and excitement there are non-cash and cash prizes of up to 10.000 to be won!

2.)At Mafia1930 you get the chance! Full of hopes, you are stranded in the land of the free. From dish cleaner to Millionaire ?thats your dream! But reality is grim.

Those who are powerful, are those who rule. The community is corrupt. No one remembers the beginning of prohibition. Mighty mafia families have merged, and have become powerful with smuggel and making buisness with alcohol. They have their hands on everything. Bars, Police, Politics, everything!

You are the dim light in a large city. Noone will give you a chance. You have to take it. Without mercy and friendly smiles. Your empire is your street - your district. From now on - your future lies in your hands. Are you ready to break all the rules? Become the most powerful Mafia-Boss of all times.

Mafia 1930 mmorpg

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