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Managore MMORPG

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Game: Managore MMO

Ready to play directly in your favorite web browser, Managore is a fantasy strategy game where the main goal of the game is to banish evil by destroying Managore, who has ruled over the land for millennia. This will bring immense glory as well as victory to your guild. Before you can face Managore, you have to destroy his 9 keepers.

In the beginning of the game, each player receives a Kingdom which is placed randomly on the map. The kingdom is the place where all processes occur. Here, each player constructs his buildings, researches sciences and trains units independently from all other players and according to his race. Each Kingdom has a hero which is one of the 3 types ?melee, ranged or magic. As a player, you will have a mentor, which main function is to give you different missions which will help you to get used to the game. Each successfully completed task will bring you a reward, which will make your game easier.

In order to develop your Kingdom, you will need resources. The main resources in Managore are used for constructing buildings, researching sciences, and training and upgrading units. Furthermore they are the game’s trade currency and you have to find a way to balance the amount of resource gained with the amount spent, if you want to have a stable Kingdom. There are 3 main resources in Managore, which are gold, wood and food.

Managore mmorpg

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