Mission Cobra MMORPG

Mission Cobra MMORPG

Mission Cobra mmorpg game
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Game: Mission Cobra MMO

Developed by SEAL media GmbH for internet browsers, Mission Cobra is free to play, browser-based, action adventure. Each mission is a challenge, as every decision you make influences the direction that the mission takes. You are the long arm of the government. As an agent of the secret service, you take care of the jobs that officially don`t need doing. Together with your team, you travel around the whole world. With agents from enemy services always on your tail, your primary goal is always to complete your mission precisely and effectively.

Choose to belong to MI6, MOSSAD, BND, FSB or CIA. There are complete different missions for one of five selectable secret services and take out agents from the other services.

By order of your government you are responsible for the security of your nation. Your operations take place all over the world. Find the terrorist in Beirut or catch the drug baron in Bogota. Use the most modern gadgets, but always be careful, your enemies are out to kill you.

Fight against thousands of enemy secret agents and train yourself and your squad in your embassy to strengthen the power of your group. Enter alliances and fight powerful enemies together with your friends.

Mission Cobra mmorpg

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