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Ready to play directly in your favorite web browser, NinjaWaz is a free to play anime themed browser-based online game, Developed by Dream Network Technology, where players play the role of a ninja who is entrusted with a mission to defeat the most vicious and destructive evil forces. Players can use diversified manga characters, inspired from Naruto and Bleach avatars, thanks to the multi-class system.

More than 60 avatars are available. All are inspired from NARUTO and Bleach, and they have their own skills and unique attributes. Players can try to collect all the avatars in the game by fighting on the battlefield. They also can trade the avatars in the item shop. The game also offers a Solo and a Team Mode. A solo player has 2 chances to enter an instance each day. He will meet the different monsters in each level individually, up to level 150. The team mode has 6 instances. The players have 3 chances to enter an instance each day.

The game features a unique synthetic system, which allows players to synthesize any items; up to thousands combination will let players experience the fun of creation and innovation.

NinjaWaz mmorpg

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