Pirates of Tortuga 2 MMORPG

Pirates of Tortuga 2 MMORPG

Pirates of Tortuga 2 mmorpg game
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Game: Pirates of Tortuga 2 MMO

Developed by worldwidegames GmbH for Internet Browsers. Pirates of Tortuga 2 is a free to play browser based mmo game where you must conquer the Caribbean sea as a feared pirate. Build your own settlement, produce goods and buildings and create your own powerful pirate fleet. Capture, plunder and pillage ?nobodyís safe from you. Sail through the Caribbean and become a feared pirate through numerous sea battles. Experience the adventure of a lifetime! Itís time to set sail. Players will only be able to complete activities if they are logged in.
Additionally, the game includes 3D technology and Flash animations, as well as an exciting new combat system and improved playability.

As captain of a pirate ship, the user can build his own settlements, produce goods and establish a powerful pirate fleet. He has to master different tasks and, of course, send his opponents to the bottom of the sea. The free strategy game is level-based and thus guarantees great fun and ever-greater challenges.

Pirates of Tortuga 2 mmorpg

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