Planetside 2 MMORPG

Planetside 2 MMORPG

Planetside 2 mmorpg game
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Game: Planetside 2 MMO

Planetside 2 is the latest MMOFPS developed by Sony Online Entertainment, taking on the role as a soldier of one of three galactic factions the game truly puts the massive into this epic war for planetary dominance. Starting the game you will first ally yourself to your chosen faction; the rough and ready freedom fighters of New Conglomerate, the imperialistic and military controlled Terran Republic or the alien tech advanced Vanu Sovereignty.

The planet Auraxis is divided into three continents (with more on the way), each of which is split up into dozens of territories that the factions must attack, capture and defend ; an interactive continent map showing you exactly who controls which territories and which points are being contested. Each territory has one or more capture points, by killing the defenders and being in the vicinity of one of these points slowly pushes up your factions points for that point; which is visible to everyone in that particular territory. All territories have a certain value, but some offer up larger bonuses to the faction that controls it, however that bonus is only gained if you also control the territories between that bonus territory and your main faction HQ territory and so the teams are forced to continuously move around the map defending their owned territories and trying to capture new ones. Death isn’t a major issue, a quick respawn ability at one of your owned territories means players can quickly jump back into the action.

Planetside 2 is a class based game, however you are not locked into one particular class and can try out all of them, from the jet pack equipped light infantry, the stealthy infiltrator, the Mechanized Exo-Suit (Max) and more. As well as fighting as infantry on the ground players have the ability to purchase a “Flash?quadbike to quickly get around the huge maps, various forms of tank and armoured personnel carriers (which also act as respawn points). As well as fighting on the ground you are also able to take to the sky in full aerial combat flying fighter style spaceships or enormous carrier ships used for transporting numerous infantry quickly to another territory.

The game offers a number of useful features from full guild options, world and vicinity chat channels and in game voice for those who form a squad. Planetside 2 is free to play with subscription options that offer up more XP to increase your personal Battle Rank, as well as a constant supply of in game currency to upgrade weapons, armor and boosts. All of these can be earned by non-subscribed members just by playing or alternatively items and vehicles can be purchased with real cash from the SOE in-store.

Planetside 2 mmorpg

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