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Power Soccer MMORPG

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Game: Power Soccer MMO

For an online game, Power Soccer packs quite a wallop in a small package - getting this level of 3D quality graphics in such a small download is unlike anything out there - meaning you can literally customize and get on the pitch to play in under two minutes. Clicking the Play button and selecting an Official Match, you are paired with another user in your region and at your skill level to ensure a fun and competitive match.

The keyboard controls allow you to dribble, pass, do headers, curve your kicks, sprint and make passing shots to put yourself in position for the goal. On defense, you can do sliding tackles and snatch the ball as well as make your best guess on those penalty kicks.

Beyond the realistic gameplay youd expect from a console game, the online portion of the game makes the game stand out. Users can customize their players, selecting hairstyles, tattoos, goal gestures and shoes to emulate their favorite players, clubs and national teams. Nothing is more fun than scoring a goal and watching your player do a flip like Nani or taunt the opposing team. And if you need a little boost to beat your arch rival, the skill enhancing coaches are ready to help you run, shoot, pass or defend better than your opponent.
The recently launched Career Mode allows users to put their skills to the test in addictive story-driven chapters that can be completed in both single-player and multiplayer, so one can choose ones path to glory! Users can also become fans of their favorite real world teams and play in cups against rival fans to win trophies for their fan clubs. Man U, Cheslea and Liverpool are leading in cup points in the Premier League fan series while Brazil, Turkey and Portugal lead the national series. Official cups are always running, often mirroring real-world matchups, so its a fun way to play and show who has the top fans.

The game is free to play, and as you advance you unlock more uniform styles and skill points to improve your players. Users can pay to customize their players?appearance or goal gestures, to participate in cups or join a league. A Club Membership package is available bundling free player items, unlimited cups and a free league ticket every month as well as unlocking other bonuses.

Power Soccer mmorpg

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