Rising Grave MMORPG

Rising Grave MMORPG

Rising Grave mmorpg game
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Game: Rising Grave MMO

Rising Grave is a zombie game unlike the others. In this free-to-play browser based game developed by S3 Studios Pty Ltd you will be play the role of a fierce zombie, trying to attack the humans and the other zombie players for blood and experience.

Rising Grave features a deep and extended skill system that allow you to learn some useful ability and unlock new areas of the game or improve your skills in the existing areas. You can learn skills like Ambushing, Scavenging and Rescuing that enables you to steals blood from other players, increase quantity and quality of items you can find, and rescue zombies from humanís captivity. you always have something to improve your character and work towards.

In this game you can attack other players. If you choose to do it, be sure to be prepared equipping your character with the best equipment you can find. Before the attack remember to give a look at your targetís character because in Rising Grave every equipped item is visible in your avatar so you can try to estimate the strength of your enemies. Defend your territory and attack the other zombies to show everyone who is the best.

Rising Grave is designed thinking to every kind of gamer. You can play just few minutes each day or spend hours online enjoying the game. You can play alone or join your friends in a horde of 30 zombies. There will be something to do for every player, killing humans, doing tasks, protecting your territory and training your stats. The tasks are the main method in the game to obtain blood and experience by yourself and are narrated by serious overviews or humorous bit of text. When a battle takes place in Rising Grave, you will see each of the participants side by side and you are provided with both an animated version and a text log of the battle if you want to view the specifics of each and every hit you have made.

Rising Grave mmorpg

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