Stronghold Kingdoms MMORPG

Stronghold Kingdoms MMORPG

Stronghold Kingdoms mmorpg game
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Game: Stronghold Kingdoms MMO

Stronghold Kingdoms is the strategy empire management game developed by Firefly Studios for Windows. This client based MMORTS takes you into the medieval period where villages, Factions and Houses compete against each other for glory. Each of the thousands of players in this persistent world start off as a simple village, but through trade, diplomacy and conquest they make new allies and rivals alike on their way to the top and advance their village and expand their borders.

The players have full control of their village resources, building construction and technology research to excel above their rivals, but there is more to the game that pleasing the peasantry and keeping a happy populous. Each player is able to build their own castle, laying out by hand each wall and guard tower, and create a military might to either defend against would-be attackers or used to conquer some other unsuspecting wretch who appears to be weaker. Expanding by conquest you can usurp power from another player and take over their villages, once they are left with none they are out of the game completely and you have scored a huge victory for your people!

From starting as ďThe Village Idiot?with your successes you are able to rise in rank, to start or join a faction with other villages and unite under a single banner, maybe even go further and join your Faction into one of the 20 Houses in the world and through player elections help lead your House to victory. For those with the mettle and desire and the brains and brawn even the title of ďKing?is up for grabs for those who want it enough.

Offering a premium 7 day or 30 day service players can buy extra features to help them during their time in Stronghold Kingdoms. With a premium service players can better manage their expanding Empire by opening up extra queue slots for technology research and building construction meaning they donít need to constantly log in to the game to check their construction or research isnít idle. As well as this there are a number of automated actions available such as trading resources, scouting new areas, recruiting troops or attacking enemy AI, all of which can be done while offline.

Stronghold Kingdoms mmorpg

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