Tales of Fantasy MMORPG

Tales of Fantasy MMORPG

Tales of Fantasy mmorpg game
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Game: Tales of Fantasy MMO

Tales of Fantasy is a free to play MMORPG which features a massive 3D environment, developed by IGG for Windows, centered on inter-faction warfare with an immersive history and storyline. Players can choose to fight for one of two powerful nations locked in constant conflict while working to thwart an even greater threat to both sides. In Tales Of Fantasy players are able to cast spells and use their abilities to strike at their enemies from astride a galloping beast.

The mighty civilizations of Ashland (a tribal community located in the west) and Bohren long ago reached the limits of their tolerance for each other. The results of all this tension ultimately led to war. Each faction offers players 2 main classes, 4 advancement paths, and 8 final class options, giving players a wide selection of combat and spellcasting abilities to choose from. The main classes are: Fighters and Spellcasters. The advancement paths are Warrior, Rogue, Mage and Healer. And the Final class options are: Sentinel, Gladiator, Assassin, Marksman, Druid, Summoner, Archmage and Priest.

Tales of Fantasy mmorpg

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