Terminator Salvation MMORPG

Terminator Salvation MMORPG

Terminator Salvation mmorpg game
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Game: Terminator Salvation MMO

The year is 2018 and the world is a desolate place. The machines have caused an apocalypse that has devastated the entire planet, but they have not yet managed to annihilate all of the human race as they intend to do. The Resistance is proving a more difficult challenge than anticipated. The outcome is uncertain. In this dark and dangerous world, players will be given a choice: Join the Terminators in destroying what's left of mankind, or aid the Resistance and eliminate the threat to humanity once and for all.

This free to play, browser based MMO throws the player into a world of constant threat to their own existence. Carry out missions to further your cause and help supply your side with the provisions they need to conquer the enemy. It's all up to you. What fate will you choose to fight for?

Terminator Salvation mmorpg

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