The Settlers Online MMORPG

The Settlers Online MMORPG

The Settlers Online mmorpg game
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Game: The Settlers Online MMO

The Settlers Online is a free2play browser based game published by Ubisoft. It presents a really intuitive gameplay and it takes some of the most beautiful RTS features to a browser game. Inside the game there are a lot of buildings that can be upgraded and they are useful to bring some raw materials to your settlement. The graphic part of The Settlers Online offers a great view and the graphic style is really nice and ironic. The game has also an item shop and to build your buildings you need real time, so it will takes also a lot of minutes or hours to finish one or more buildings. You can also build some special items that will grant you buff and other cool things that will boost your research for raw materials.

The game is, of course, free2play and can be played by your favourite browser without any problem.

The Settlers Online mmorpg

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