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Game: TopRacers MMO

In TopRacers F1 Manager you will be a real Formula 1 manager, like Flavio Briatore at Renault or Ron Dennis at Mclaren, trying to bring his very own team to the top of the ladder. The game, developed by Edenic Games, is a browser based realistic F1 simulation. This means that you wonít have to download any client. You can just go to the official TopRacers site, login and play right in your browser. Manage every aspect of your team and show to the world who is the best F1 Manager.

When you start the game, a small but useful F1 team will be given, consisting in: 2 pilots, 2 mechanics and 2 engineers. Even if it is good, this team canít compete with the big opponents out there. For this reason you will have to use all your skills to improve it and make it grow. Beside the team youíll have to think to your cars too, buying and selling pieces and improving your carís specifications. There are numerous way to do it; Using your R&D department, buying new pieces with the ďBuy/Sell?option and buying special pieces that can be used for 4 weeks. When you are ready go to the ďLive Timing?screen and look at your drivers as they compete with the other 22 pilots. Study your results and plan a good strategy for the race, your drivers will be happy to race for the 1st place.

Like a real F1 competition, TopRaces offers you racing seasons, each one divided in 9 Grand Prix. In order to race and win on the official circuits you have to carefully prepare your team, your car and even your pit-stop strategies. After you have chosen your team members (pilots and mechanics) you have to pick the parts for your car and choose its setup parameters (wing, gear ratios, fluel). You can also use the official training session to be sure to be prepared. But you donít race alone. In your league youíll find other 11 teams and their manager hungry for fame and glory, so itís better to carefully study your opponents and their strategy if you want to win a GP.

TopRacers mmorpg

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