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UFO Online is a free-to-play turn based tactical combat MMO developed by Funatics for internet browser. The game is set in a near future, where humanity has split into three factions that are competing for the few remaining resources left on Earth. Energy is in short supply and, to top it all off, first contact has been made to extraterrestrials. Wage tactical battles across the world with your hero, build your base and put together a hard-hitting group of fighters. Unlike in other browser-based game, all fights are rendered entirely in 3D.

In this game, players choose a faction to join and build and expand a base that acts as a hub in the fight for freedom. This is where mercenaries are hired and trained and where technologies and weapons are researched and added to the arsenal. Then it's time to take on the aliens in turn-based tactical battles. The player commands an army of specialists, each of which has their own class-specific skill tree. Only with the right combination of targeted research and carefully planned out tactics will the player come out of battle victoriously.

The game offers different characters that you can recruit for your battles; The sniper has the greatest effective range in UFO Online and can deal a great deal of damage. They can only equip light armor. The tank is the hatchet man. He throws himself into the breach and can take a lot of damage thanks to his heavy armor. The scout is a versatile reconnaissance unit with lots of action points. He can ambush enemies thanks to his ability to become invisible. The medic cannot deal much damage, but he makes sure that his battered comrades get quickly back onto their feet thanks to his medical knowledge. The grenadier is a hotshot who wants to see everything go up in flames. He deals area damage with his explosive weapons and can take out many enemies at once.

In ufo online you have to choose one of three factions. Whether you choose the American Stability Pact, the Central Economic Federation or the Ruling Confederation East, each side has its advantages and disadvantages and its own goals.

UFO Online mmorpg

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