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Uprising Empires MMORPG

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Game: Uprising Empires MMO

Build a city, unify your race and create a real empire to rule all over the world: Uprising Empires is an interesting historical/strategic browser game. Interesting for the setting that refers to four great Middle East Kingdoms (Kingdom of Jerusalem, the Byzantine Empire, the Turks, the Mongolian Empire); interesting for the ways with whom the game can be carried out, through four different ages. The player have to lead a true civilization, employing resources, building towns, developing technologies, growing an army to defend it.

First of all the game has an organizational/managerial part, concerning the building and development of base, military, research and storage structures. In addition, once reached a certain level of population, points, heroes and technologies, itís possible to progress to next age with a significant increase of own potential.

The game has then a typically war/tactical part, concerning the organization and development of military buildings (the barrack, the civil workshop, the siege workshop, the stables and other structures to each kingdom), but above all the recruitment and equipment are indispensable for a fast victory in battle; lastly appears ingenious the presence of the Infirmary where soldiers badly injured can be treated. The army can be made up of infantry, archers or knights in different measures according to the different composition chosen by players: in any case at the head of the army the player can put legendary heroes, able to lead over 54.000 men.

From a tactical point of view the game looks well rounded for two reasons: first of all for the great deal of action can be undertaken against opponents: itís possible to plan a real invasion or a simple pillage (of resources or gold); players can send spies to collect information or secrets from enemies, or put themselves as bulwark to defend allies. In the second place for the possibility to establish alliances with worldwide players: peculiar features about alliances are the chance to share the war chest or to unify players of own race to wage war on enemy races thus prevail as dominant race in the world.

Uprising Empires mmorpg

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