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Venetians MMORPG

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Game: Venetians MMO

Developed by Game Laboratories for internet browsers, Venetians: Merchant's Dynasty is a free to play online browser-based game featured by trade and economic simulation. The adventurers find themselves right in the heart of the flourishing world of the Mediterranean Sea during the 15th century. They will build their own businesses through smart trading with other cultures, go to sea and bond with other Venetians in aspiring mediterranean seaports.

Venetian comes up with a unique feature, the concept of generations. The general life expectancy of a virtual Venetian is around six calendar months. But death doesn't necessarily mean the end of the game. Players with foresight will have children who, after their death, inherite all the aquired properties and make sure the dynasty will live on. A player decides what kind of education his children will have and how they will develop.

It features complex business and building simulation in real-time set at the age of Marco Polo, a charming and detailled presentation that will take the players to glittering mediterranean seaports, a sophisticated trade, shipping and expedition system with different routes that cover the whole area of the Mediterranean, a complex society where you find several generations and succesions, a choise of different professions and specilisations, diplomacy, through various administrative offices to enhance prestige and influence, exciting battles out at sea against pirates, lot of social-features.

Venetians mmorpg

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