Wild Guns MMORPG

Wild Guns MMORPG

Wild Guns mmorpg game
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Game: Wild Guns MMO

Tomahawk or peace pipe?
In the arid desert, where the sun mercilessly beats down, a war is raging between pale-faces, redskins and Vaqueros!
Playing as cowboys, Indians or Mexicans, hundreds of thousands of gamers try to build a flourishing township. Finding raw materials, settling new territories, conquering other townships and defending
one‘s own ?only those who act with
skill can stand their ground
in the desert!
WildGuns will win you over with its
well-balanced mix of fighting,
trade and diplomacy. The gamers can
choose for themselves which
strategy will lead them to riches and
With this free browser game from
Gameforge, gaming fun in the
desert heat is guaranteed!

Wild Guns mmorpg

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